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As a 97-year-old company, Doublestar is the only state-owned listed tire company in Shandong Province, and the new chairman of tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association. Doublestar is becoming an international enterprise group with the integration of tire manufacturing, smart equipment, smart logistics (e.g. Robot) and smart cyclic utilization of wasted rubber.
In recent years, Doublestar started a new journey of “Fulfilling Second Undertaking & Creating Doublestar A World Famous Brand”. Seizing the opportunity of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and accelerating the intelligent transformation, Doublestar becomes the first one to found all process operation“Industry 4.0”smart factory in global tire industry, therefore, cultivating three new industries-smart equipment, smart industrial logistics and smart cyclic utilization of wasted rubber.
Owing to innovation and intelligent transformation, Doublestar was rated as the model enterprise of the whole industrial chain of “Brand Cultivation”, “Technology Innovation”, “Quality Benchmark”, “Intelligent Manufacturing”, “Green Manufacturing” and “Service Transformation”, which makes it the only one among all Chinese enterprises to obtain the four national honors authorized by Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in recent five years. It is also known as the "leader of Chinese tire intelligent manufacturing" and the only enterprise in the history of China's tire industry that has been rated as the "National Advanced Productivity Model Enterprise".
For three consecutive years, Doublestar has been listed in the “Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands”, and the “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands”; both are the No.1 among all Chinese tire enterprises.
In order to further build a world-class enterprise with a larger scale, Doublestar Group launched the acquisition plan of Kumho Tire in South Korea in 2016. On July 6, 2018, the acquisition was closed. Holding 45% of shares, Doublestar has been a controlling shareholder of Kumho Tire, becoming the world's Top 10 and China's largest tire company.
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